Capacitive Sensing for Exertion Interfaces

Yay. My paper on "Capacitive Sensing for Exertion Interfaces" has been accepted for the CHI workshop "Exertion Interfaces". The workshop will take place on 06.04.2008 in Florence, Italy.
Usually getting a paper accepted for a workshop is not that hard – and thus not really a great achievement. You present your work to an auditory of about one dozen other attendees, listen the other's talks and that's it. Some talks are pretty boring or not understandable. Sometimes presenters even don't show up at all. So, in general, workshop papers are not really great for your publication list, but offer you a way to learn writing papers and presenting them.

However, the "Exertion Interfaces" workshop seems to be special. Judging from last year's pictures, the workshop will be very exertive. Additionally, the workshop seems to be focused on collaborative exploration of the research topic instead of everyone putting his scent-mark on his special niche.

I am very excited to participate in this workshop (and attend CHI). Thanks to Floyd and Stefan, who are very dedicated workshop organizers.

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