ChatRoulette Piano Improv

ChatRoulette is a free video chat that connects you to random strangers around the world. In a usual session you meet bored looking guys that disconnect at once, groups of giggling girls, masked persons, and quite many masturbating men.

But sometimes you also find little gems. Nice people, funny toy animals, minimalistic animations, etc. has a gallery of cool encounters.

When I tried out ChatRoulete, I instantly thought that this would be a great venue for art projects. Something like an anti-WWW: push, not pull, and very real-time.
And while there is so much noise, sometimes cool stuff like this one gets dragged out of private conversations and put on Youtube:

I'm still fascinated by how easily people give up privacy, though.

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  1. anonymous

     /  March 31, 2010

    Anonymous writes:It's funny how Omegle is a spin-off of and Chatroulette a spin-off of Omegle! I think deserves some respect, as it was the first. Create a facebook group and spread the truth, anyone?


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