TEI 2010 reviews

I have just finished the last of three reviews assigned to me for TEI
2010. Sadly, I had to suggest to reject all three. For two of the papers
the other reviewers agreed with me, for the third there is no other review
yet. I am always relieved if the other reviewers agree with me. It always
feels awkward when you recommend a paper and the other reviewers tell you
that it is crap. Being the only one who argues to reject a paper is
equally awkward.
When reviewers agree about the suitability of a paper for the specific
conference this is an indicator of a well-defined community. I have done
reviews for this year's MobileHCI, too. The reviews were very
heterogeneous – not only for the papers that I have reviewed but also for
many other papers (as I've heard). There was some discussion whether a
conference that does not know what it really wants is worth submitting to.
So far I'm pretty happy with the TEI community – while there is much
diversity, obviously people agree whether a paper is good enough for TEI
or not.

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