Nethack woes

Damn Nethack.

I've been playing it again recently and have a damn streak of bad luck.
The four last games:
1. I find Mjollnir (mighty war hammer) in a shop, cat steals it, I have
Mjollnir and die somehow I don't remember.

2. I curse, start again, ultimately find Mjollnir guarded by my ghost,
take it, forget that it is cursed and get it welded to my hands.
Unfortunately I'm a monk, so I am very bad at hurling this hammer. And
unfortunately I step onto at least four trapdoors or level teleports in
the following turns, falling down to level 12 or so, where some creatures
tear me apart.

3. New start. everything looks good, I find neat stuff, am happy, decide
to be cautious. I step onto a polymorph trap for the first time and become
a mind flayer. Not too bad. unfortunately I try to suck out the brain of a
cockatrice shortly thereafter and get turned into stone. Ouch.

Ugly game.

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