Hacking for Dummies

Yeah. Currently German politicians, police, privacy advocates and some people with IT knowledge are arguing over a new law allowing "Online-Durchsuchungen" in Germany ("online house search warrants" – but in fact it means police physically breaking in someone's house and installing a trojan horse on his computer).

German we-want-to-look-like-Hollywood action TV series "Alarm für Cobra 11" shows you how German cops break into a Russian server from an internet cafe:

Spot the error 🙂

The code for their "backdoor trojan":

var sc_returns = 0;
var sc_agent= navigator.a
var sc_base_dir
var sc_error=0;
if(window.partition) {
if partition== ...

(No, you don't need semicolons nowadays.)

via The Maastrix.

via i-fekt.

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