Online T-Shirt Printing Services Suck!

I've been trying for over an hour now to get three different online t-shirt printing services to just do what I want.
What do I want? Just have a custom black star printed on the front side of a grey t-shirt. Sounds easy? I isn't.

First try: MosquitoShirts. They are located here in Munich, so I thought it was a fair bet. First problem: Their Flash-powered t-shirt designer needed four tries to upload my 300kB PNG. Once I have succeeded, MosquitoShirts tells me that they will print my black-star-with-transparent-background with a white background. No, you can't change this. But you may just use an existing design from our library. NO THANKS.

Second try: They have a really cool design tool (also in Flash). I put my black star on the grey t-shirt and add the shirt to the shopping cart. No, I don't. I get an error message. It tells me that an error has occured and I should try again. I do. I try every trick one has learnt when dealing with uncooperative websites: reloading, clicking everywhere, removing and adding the star to the t-shirt again, etc. Nothing helps. I switch to the German language version, hoping to get a more detailed error message. I don't get an error message. But I see a little info box (not visible in the English version) that tells me that I cannot put my own artwork on dark t-shirts. And they are right. Now the design tool doesn't allow me to add the star to the shirt. The English version still does – but answers with an error message. Hey, great service. NO THANKS.

Third try: I am only allowed to upload my own artwork if I register. The register form asks me for address, e-mail, and phone number. I give a fake one. Then I can finally upload my image, and – surprise – Shirtcity thinks mz black star is actually a black square. No sir, we don't know what 'transparency' means. NO THANKS.

Is there any online t-shirt printing service in Europe that does what I want?
I think I'll look in the phone book for a printing service nearby and bring a printout of my unlucky star with me.

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