Adobe After Effects: Workaround for Reshape bug

Just discovered an ugly bug in After Effects 6.5 (Pro). I had animated a big 2D image with the (enormously useful) Reshape effect. When I opened the project some months later (after a re-install of AE) I was greeted by the following error message:

After Effects error: Unable to compute distortion (65 :: 50)

The effect of this error was that one (of several) objects with a Reshape filter was reshaped only halfways. One half was properly reshaped while the other half stayed in its unreshaped position. See for yourself. The leg should not have those two sharp bends in it.

Google provided absolutely nothing helpful. After trying many things I found a workaround: Rendering only with half or quarter resolution makes the Reshape effect work properly again.
Why this happened only when re-opening the file (on exactly the same computer) I don't know.

Hope someone finds this useful.
After Effects error messages suck.

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